Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and the object in psychoanalysis

In 1965, Jacques Lacan suggested that the artist precedes the psychoanalyst¹, as their work brings to light reactions, thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain unknown. In this stunning movie by American director Stanley Kubrick, every scene seems to be carefully designed to captivate, starting from the choice of main actors, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. At that time, the couple embodied the Hollywood ideal of beauty, sex appeal and success, which, in itself, probably brought some of the audience to the movie…

Psychoanalysis and gender roles

As a clinical psychologist, it is not uncommon to hear from women that the real men are gone these days. Likewise, men are prompt to enlist women’s shortcomings and vent their frustration. Along with the abundance of dating apps

Eu vou ter uma filha

Esses dias eu soube que vou ter uma filha. O nome dela vai ser Lua. Sei que Lua não é um nome comum, mas não muitas coisas são mais bonitas do que a lua. Muito antes de Lua sequer ser concebida, eu e minha esposa (então namorada) já queríamos a Lua.